Art has to be contagious

(Kunst muss ansteckend sein)

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Art has to be contagious

Once again it has been shown that mankind lives connected as a social animal. Across continents and oceans we bring our humanity to one another. And occasionally a virus with a handshake, which separates us – but also a tune which brings us together through its emotion.

Even if front doors and national borders are closed because of corona, creativity brings us closer together on balconies, in the streets and on the Internet. Art spans the world. Art heals and gives hope where no medicine is yet effective. It is immune and so it has to be contagious.

The melody I have composed will travel round the globe with an invitation for musicians to pick it up in their own musical culture. The basic idea of the project is that the common global experience in the corona pandemic of droplet infection is converted into “tonal droplets” – with all the diversity of our respective cultures.

At the end of this music project, a chain will have been forged which hopefully will symbolise the connections people have with each other.

swt-Kulturwerk  in Tübingen/Germany has offered to be a partner in the project. From Friday 25. to Saturday 27 of September 2020 visitors can enter the sound installation. Visits to the installation space will be organised according to the regulations.

Every evening the Corona Band from the Mühlenviertel in Tübingen will play a concert at 7:30 pm in the exhibition hall.