These Variations are

composed and performed by

Rhodri Williams-Wandoch

Great Britain

Forget Meaning

These wonderful floating sounds are composed by

Harry Ovington

Great Britain


Erich Barganier


Transcopic takes its name from a combination of the words „transmission“ and „kaleidoscopic.“ In the spirit of the project, I fed the original recording of the flute melody into a granular synthesis engine constructed in the computer program Supercollider. Using the software, I improvised upon the original music to create a fragmented, kaleidoscopic image of the original material. In the same way a cubist piece of art examines an object or scene from every angle at once, this improvisation examined the flute recording in the same manner, creating a vibrant, fractal effect. (Erich Barganier)


by Mathias Neumann


Droplets of Diversity

These are two beautiful Variations by

Malcolm Dedman

South Africa

Empathy in a time of division

A Duet for Viola & Delay with Tape

This great piece of music was composed and produced by

James Humberstone

The Solo Viola was performed by Connor Malanos


Homepage of James Humberstone

Homepage of Connor Malanos

2 Compositions by my very good friend Jens Knoop – Principal Percussionist at the National Theater Mannheim


Pulsating Headache (Marimba)

Inner Landscape (Piano)


Very fine floating Sounds by

Markku Klami


Markku Klami about his composition:

I think the title „verweilen“ brings into the mind the lingering thoughts, fears and threats the pandemic situation is causing. Also, I hope that my music also gives solace to the listeners during this difficult time.

contagious happenings in the new world order

by ryan w garvey


Through the PANdemic

Electric Conzertration